Dementia Awareness Week
15th to 21st May 2017

One in six people aged 80 or over have dementia, 70% of people living in care homes have dementia or severe memory problems. Help us raise awareness, check out our events!

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Power of Attorney Service from £250 - Be Prepared For The Future

A powerful legal document that allows you to choose the people that you TRUST to make decisions about your Property, Finances, Health and Care, should you lose capacity through an accident, following an operation or an illness.  Capacity may be lost temporarily also, this may leave you vulnerable if you have not appointed Attorneys

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How To Get The Right Help?

Get help to set up care and technology in the home. We help bridge the gap for self funders that is often not available from statutory services

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A family meeting gives you the opportunity to share your concerns

Trying to navigate the care system and work whilst overseeing someones care is extremely challenging. We aim to bridge the gap if Social Services only offer you a copy of the care directory

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Help to claim Attendance Allowance

We can complete this form for you. You may be entitled to a reduction or exemption on your council tax bill when this benefit is awarded

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Put Your Affairs in Order

The last thing anyone wants to talk about after a diagnosis is money. However planning ahead now will give you the opportunity to make decisions and plan for the future.

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Carers Support Group

Meet others who are doing a similar caring role. Caring for a person with dementia is different to any other caring role

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About Our Service

Our Dementia Support service will save you the time and stress of searching for services at a difficult and emotional time.   It can be a challenging time for families when a relative is diagnosed with dementia, but it is also the time to consider the options for the future together.   If you are a couple it is important for the carer to make informed decisions about the future also at this time.   We have links to competitively priced legal and financial professionals for advice and   services that encompass and complement all elements of dementia planning   We will also support and guide you through the complex care system at an emotional time.  Knowing what support is available to you both is key to managing the future.

What we do

We can tailor-make a package of support to suit you. Everyone has a different experience of caring for someone with dementia depending on the relationship you have with the person you care for, how long it took for them to get a diagnosis, the type of dementia they have and your own personal circumstances.  You may also have work and family commitments as well as your caring role.

We know from experience that 'one size doesn't fit all' for dementia support.  Our service offers you the opportunity to select the support you need that is appropriate to your individual circumstances now.

Carers often say they feel forgotten at this difficult time, all the appointments are for their loved one and the services offered usually are too.  Family and friends may offer sympathy but they can't empathise unless they are also caring for someone with dementia.

Service Costs

Our fees are reasonable and there's no contract that ties you in long-term.